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Cultivating your physical intelligence.

Toma Fit Inc. is a 501c3 charitable organization. In 2017, we identified a need for equitable access to health and fitness programs rooted in music and cultural creativity.  

Here's what we are seeking to accomplish...

Through our nonprofit work, we teach breakin’ and encourage all things related to movement. Against the backdrop of our textured and multifaceted lives, we use movement to cultivate personal empowerment and a sense of belonging.

We are based in Southwest Atlanta in Georgia. At Toma Fit we are dedicated to cultivating the physical intelligence of youth, children and their families, thereby enhancing the social and mental health of our communities! 

How can you help?

Sponsor an athlete.

Sponsor a child’s tuition for the season! We discount our prices by 70% to make our classes accessible for working families. At the same time, for some families $100 for 10 weeks of Toma Fit Youth Hip Hop Athletes training may still feel financially overwhelming. This is where your generous donation comes in! Sponsor a child’s tuition this season for just $100!

Become a volunteer.

Use your athletic talents to encourage, teach and  mentor young athletes!

Donate supplies.

Sponsor Toma Fit by offering equipment! We are a movement arts program! If you have gym, exercise or movement equipment you’d like to donate, please email us at communitylove@tomafit.org to make arrangements for your kind donation!

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