Cultural Preservationist
Creative Director of Toma Fit
 “Greatness is not about the end result, it’s about the process.” 
– King Quic

A native of the South Bronx, King Quic is the Creative Director of Toma Fit, a community first organization committed to cultivating the physical intelligence of youth, children and their families in Atlanta, Georgia and beyond. 

Equipped with seventeen years of direct experience in track and field, martial arts, personal training, professional dance and choreography (dance styles include salsa, breakin’, locking, strutting, popping and many more) Quic guides his troop of Youth Hip Hop Athletes Tuesdays and Thursdays in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia. Under the umbrella of Toma Fit, Quic also offers his expertise as a conditioning coach for high performance athletes in boxing, dance and mixed martial arts. 

Quic is a hip-hopper through and through! He is the Founder and President of the FunkLordz, a street culture crew preserving and extending the foundations of native street culture for over a dozen years. A citizen of the world and servant to communities near and far, Quic travels internationally as a hip-hop philosopher, fitness educator, professional dancer, choreographer, and cultural preservationist. King Quic is also a Council Member for MZK, the oldest and most influential bboy/bgirl crew in the world. 

Everyone who comes into contact with Quic relate him as an individual whose spirit is filled to the brim with a clever mix of practicality and optimism. He is completely alive, using the rich socio-political history of the South Bronx as testament to what can be created with determination, community-building and the power of the imagination!

Shebah Saturn

Writer, Artist & Educator of Toma Fit

Hailing from East Los Angeles, California, Shebah Saturn is a devoted wellness advocate. She shares and teaches others about  deep, yogic stretching, nutrition and a body positive outlook. Using her creativity and belief in the importance of open-ended form, Shebah has spent several years integrating pilates, the spirit of modern dance, and ashtanga yoga into a sequence of intuitive movements that she shares with others. She has taught her original, yogic series in Los Angeles, New York, Georgia, Italy and the Czech Republic. She continues to study the connection between clarity of the mind and the positive impact it has on the body.

Prior to working for herself, Shebah spent time as a student teacher assisting elementary English Language Learners. After her student teaching she earned her degree in Creative Writing and became a lead teacher, demonstrating writing techniques and structure to high school students in Oakland, California. She later taught Spanish Levels 1 & 2 to middle school students in Brooklyn, New York.

When she arrived in Atlanta, she helped grow several small businesses, some in the private education sector, others in labor management and the import and export industry before taking her last formal position as an Administrative Specialist in Fulton County’s Department of Arts & Culture. After ten years of professional experience in several occupational sectors, Quic finally convinced Shebah to dedicate her time and talent to their very first “family business,” Toma Fit!