Togetherness and Belonging is what drives us.

We're so glad you're here. Welcome #TomaFitFam!

Based in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia, Toma Fit is a community first organization dedicated to cultivating the physical intelligence of youth, children and their families, thereby enhancing the social and mental health of our communities!

We prioritize our community.

Our organization is built on a strong foundation – our core values.

We're in this together. We value...

Social Responsibility

We want you to feel seen, heard and understood. We host community-first workshops to spread love, knowledge and deepen our collective understanding. Health is a mind, body, soul connection. As human begins we are social creatures. It’s important for us to be around each other and learn from one another.

Economic Accessibility

We want you to be able to afford our classes! We are building our organization gradually. Right now, our primary program is our Youth Hip Hop Athletes class. Tuition is $100 for 10 weeks of training. Most dance studios price tuition for children’s classes at $80 for 4 classes per month – many charge significantly more.

Love & Acceptance

Fitness and health feel and look different for each person. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes into our Toma Fit Familia!


We are passionate about what we do. We seek to share our passion for healthy living and creative self-expression with you, too!


We seek to continually expand, grow and evolve what we are able to offer you. We believe cultivating your physical intelligence (getting into your body) should be a fun and innovative experience!